Fashion is The New Trend

Fashion is new trend, orange is new black or today is actually tomorrow..
But, the thing we all actually have to be focused is the new trends and how we are getting okay with them.
The world always turning and the human population getting new things in every single moments, one of those new thing is e-shopping.
We as human population about to pass a terrible thing like Covid-19. Most of us learned and remember in the nearly end of the situation that we actually have to be okay with the new trends.
We bet that in the situation most of you could see the face masks by famous brands however they are fake.

Have you ever thought that the fashion is actually a new trend?

Probably yes. Because since the industry came out as a value of our lives, fashion started to being an icon of the class of peoples. Today, many areas has possibilities like you can hear the talks about fashion and trend in same sentences. This things already drives us thru e-shopping that while we take care of ourselves we also have to be okay with new fashion trends.
The solution is simple’’e-shopping’’

As we said most of you have to take care of yourself you could do your shopping as online. Since last 10 years and probably more than this e-shopping was in our lives. However it seen lots of changes since it born.

Today, many e-shopping brands are running with unknown stuffs, the workers who doesn’t have any idea about what they doing and noname things. borned with lots of facilities, 25 years old trust, strong and famous solution partners. All you need to do is click the website, register your account and wait for your dream delivery.

This World Is Ours

Have you ever heard about a brand that counts every single people like they are the family in a bad situation?

Gucci brand was always known by all because of its launched date 1921. This date also shows how old established brand. The brand has used in every time in movies, advertises even our conversations. This helped to it being famous.

Gucci always becomes a icon of lux in friend meets and related places. If someone sees you have Gucci on you probably heard those kinds of sentences like ‘‘Look she has Gucci’’, ‘’ did you see that she has Gucci’’.


#weareallinthistogether by Gucci maybe helped most of us think twice when the topic comes to humanity. Imagine a brand that announced a motto like this in the Covid-19 period and they never gave up from this motto.

After these things are figured out it wasn’t that hard to forget in the past long years. After 1921 many brands have been launched but just a couple of them could came to today.

The founder of Guccio Gucci was impressed with the luxurious luggage. He saw urbane guests bring with them at the Savoy Hotel while he was an immigrant hotel worker in Paris and later London. Before he returns to Florence he visited the manufacturer, H.J. Cave & Sons. Because he wished to make his inspiration come true, He also wished to gain to his city distinguished for high-quality materials and skilled artisans. He established his store in 1920 that sold only fine leather goods with classic style.

He focused on traditional aspects of fabrication. In the beginning he just employed skilled workers in basic Florentine leather crafts, attentive to finishing. With three of his sons, he expanded the brand to include stores in Milan, Rome, and Florence.

MR. Gucci created his stores with finely crafted leather ıtems. The brand created handbags of cotton canvas rather than leather during the 2nd world war. Because of a material shortages. The cotton canvases were distinguished by a signature double-G symbol combined with prominent red and green bands.

At the end of the war, the brand crest, which showed a shield and armored knight surrounded by a ribbon inscribed with the family name. After that itbecame synonymous with the city of Florence.


‘’Baguette’’ Might Be More Than A Bread

We bet that most of you know the baguette as a bread. And if the rest of you know something about the style of Fendi brand or something about fashion probably know what ‘’baguette’’ means in industry.

Imagine a brand which is not only for wear. A brand which you can wear, you can take your stuff with you and you can smell. With those things if the brand has other points like an upper-class icon tag, this would be good enough to take the eyes on.

When you imagine this brand you can also wish to know, how you can visit stores?

While you could visit 200 stores all across the world you also could do shopping from well-trusted e-shopping websites. 

We are talking about Fendi.

Fendi brand owned by LVMH is in the list of oldest brands since fashion started has value by the peoples.

The brand has a good point with baguette-cut bags, good leather stuffs, and the perfumes.  This specialty takes the brand to another point. This could be wonderful you can get all you want from the same place. And especially these days this thing becomes a normal and common wished thing by most people on World.

On the other way, the Fendi brand has different good things to remember in its history.

Fendi brand was launched in 1925 by Adele and Edoardo Fendi as a leather shop in Via del Plebiscito. After that another news come out in 1946. Five sisters Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla, and Alda joined the brand.  And that makes the brand a second generation as a family-owned enterprise

With the joining of Karl Lagerfeld in 1965 as creative director the brand launched luxury fashion label’s fur and women’s ready-to-wear collection.

In every way, the brand becomes a dream for most of us. With different price tags, being an icon of lux, and other good ways the brand has never changed the soul and faith.

‘’Baguette is more then bread.’’

Maybe The One Who Wears Prada Wasn’t Devil?

After the movie come out most of you could start to think about the Prada brand clients they are the most unreachable persons and hard peoples all around the world.

– If you don’t know the motto of the brand.

But have you ever thought twice once you decide it?

Prada was always at a point which is the most famous, well known, and most expensive. While we got a point in that way most of us started to call ‘’Devil Wears Prada’’ because of the well-known motto of Prada.  And we bet that the rest of us learned by us.

But were they all devils? With a clear explaining are they deserved that just because they are wearing Prada?

Wearing Prada was always an icon of lux class. This common comment was true. Because since 1913 nothing has been changed by the brand administration and this helped to get the point where they are nowadays.

‘’Devil Wears Prada’’ was only the motto of the brand                             

When this unique brand get the ‘’ Official Supplier of the Italian Royal House’’ title in 1919, Prada Brothers also didn’t know that their brand will have this point today.  And they never knew that their brand will be a milestone of fashion.

The Prada Brothers have created this brand in 1913 with just U.K imported stuffs in Milan. In these days they just started their way as little Milan store but their way has been changed after upper-class peoples are started to visit their store.

After those good things have happened in these years their company came into a counted and special list.

-Their company had been entitled to carry the royal symbol of Italy on its logo. With those good things maybe the one who wears Prada wasn’t a devil.

Who knows?

Maybe when Prada Brothers creating this brand, they had no idea about the future.

One way or another,

Prada Brothers done well with this famous and strongest brand. Their grand-children moved with true decide to today. And today the brand has a good point in most e-commerce websites either real life.

Fashion Has No Color

Since the world started turning around, wear style was always in our lives.  From your home to your work lives.

But, the question is,

Is there anyone related to you, ever lived bullying because of the colors of what they wear?

Or, some of you ever heard something about that?

One way or another this thing happened in the past. In the story of the world, most of us heard lots of people who lived bullied because of their wear style colors. However the colors of clothes like chocolate wafers. Both of them have different colors but the common point of them they have tastes.

The taste of wafer coming through the chocolate and feel-good hormone, the tastes of the clothes colors which is wear style color coming through the color of them.

‘’The colors of wear style can make you feel good if you like to wearing colorful.’’

‘’Have you ever heard a boy who got bullied by the other peoples because he wears a pink t-shirt on?’’


‘’Have you ever heard a girl who got bullied by other people because she wears a suit on?’’

Somehow in those two wear the peoples were the same persons. They just get dressed like this because they felt comfortable with those colors, with those styles.  As example on top, the colors of the wearing style are like wafers. Both of them giving feel-good hormone with some differences. 

Today, most of them on their good life with their colorful wear style. And they have a good self-trust. And they are on the big part of the e-shopping users. They trusted the newest things and they did well for themselves.

Scam e-shopping websites, non-trusted e-shopping brands, etc. stayed at once. Peoples had been made their mind and they are thinking twice when they are doing e-shopping nowadays.

But some of them have the same main idea such as since has been come out the brand showed how trustful with strong client communication and mainly famous solution partners to clients. The brand family as known the employees has worked every single day with the same soul and faith and they believed if they reached the brand to lots of people, it is in the same value making money.

What we wore?

Since most of you started to do shopping you are buying just the things cause you liked them.

But, have you ever wondered what you were wearing? We mean as brands, and sometimes the replica stuffs which so-called first quality things. Did you know that those things even could make you cancer because of their product types? Unknown brand paints, no name ingredients, and many more, they could be the most dangerous thing for your health and you can never know how you have those health symptoms.

So, the entrance of this blog might be scary a bit and worthy at the same moment for understand. We were talking about the stuff that you just buying only you liked them and just getting a glam look with a cheapskate way.

We can say about cheapskate ways of getting the things that you like is not that trustful always.

Yes you read true, always which means the stores in weird locations, the locations which no one heard ever, and the e-shopping websites that less clicked and unknown e-commerce place.

We even can call for those things ‘’Wrong selections can kill’’ and it’s not only on your shopping, on some other points this thing can become a nightmare.

The solution is simple as always.

You just need to do whenever you want to get the things you like, you have to do with true places and true e-shopping websites. After you started doing this thing with a true way, you also going to see it works very well. With totally true guarantee papers, full invoices, and in case of having a problem with the things you can talk to real and related persons.

With 25 years old trust we as showed that we did our job true and with the same soul. Because, if we’re doing something common like the others, we believed that we couldn’t show the differences.

As since the beginning all the things were the same and nothing has been changed. We believed and we started 25 years ago and today we still believe our first soul when we are doing our work.

And our great clients as we called them our fast-growing family, they did the true thing and today all of them know what they wore from ordering to delivery. For this reason some of them call about their deliveries ‘’Dream Delivery’’.

                                                                                                         ‘’As a result, What we wore?’’

Feel Yourself in Runway

Feel Yourself in Runway…

Yes, sometime believing to something could be stronger then imagination. While you are walking thru on your corridor at your home this can feel you like you walking in front of millions in runway. This thing even can make some good feelings on your self-trust.

Having a good closet sometimes could not be that enough. A closet fully filled with mainly famous brands and if there even not any idea how to use them or where you can use them can be a nightmare. But also sometimes if you know what to do with them even walking on a silence corridor can make you feel a top model.

Feelings can be all if especially you got dissed by someone because of the wrong choices on you wear style. By the way there some kind of stubborn peoples out there. And this is another challenge to teach them how they have look like.

No, that’s not prejudice. You can’t imagine how terrible they are. Fully covered with seriously expensive brands, wrong combination and totally failed talking shape.

Please, everyone can look good and this is not like discovering America again. Being stubborn with an ego can make your look on other eyes kind of weird.

Don’t do it. Yes, you can look glam too. And you can trust the looks of other peoples who had this period in past and changed in a short while.  You need to keeping up with the changing and start from a point to change.

Being fat, feeling bad or no time can’t be the excuses of doing invest to yourself. You can do invest even with your savings.

Only the way starting from a point to invest to yourself is forgetting the excuses. Having a successful plan can help you. Trusting to new generation e-shopping websites is the key rule of this plan because you will need to get a new outfit.

Today the world has lots of e-shopping website which are not trustable. Some of them not doing the delivery some of them giving half service even some of them  no have any idea how important thing they are doing.

But you can cross the line with trendmodaitalia and break your walls. Because you deserve to feel yourself at a runway when you walking around. With mainly famous and strong brands and good wear tricks you also can look like a top model and feel yourself in runway.

The Thing That Made You Stronger

Well, after many days flied away most of you supposed to gained new abilities while you are trying to killing time in between bored walls.

Exactly, we mean the lockdown.

Since most of us went to home and started to working as remote you guys could save sometimes to yourselves just because you are not the hero of your company.

As result noone can work 7/24. 

In those times when you are not working at your job at home, most of you discovered lots of new habits and new abilities in front of mirror. Most of you learned how to make up, most of you have learned how to sing a song most of you even gained their self-trust talking in front of a group with their imagination.

And while most of you discovering their body learned how to wear. This sentence that going to come out could be kind of direct question but we can’t pass over without ask.

‘’Did the things you tried and learned in front of mirror made you stronger?’’

 If yes, the lockdown actually was not that bad. Just imagine before virus, you had an adorable closet fully filled with famous brands and if you don’t have any idea like how to wear well you could have hard moments with wrong wear combinations.

In fact if the answer of the question still yes but if you don’t have a closet like we explained in last words you still have another chance to evaluate other ways.

We bet that most of you heard about e-shopping since you start to use internet or smartphone.

There are two options such as falling in love with e-shopping or hate it. For those peoples who hate doing e-shopping with their prejudice because of the wrong e-shopping websites choices. Everyone deserve a second chance in this world, even the exes too…

With 25 years of experience created by well-known peoples, strong solution partners and most famous brands. is the correct and the choice that you can trust.

All you need is a card which able to do e-shopping and registered account at all…

Don’t lose time to get a well and glam look after lockdown open…

                                    ‘’, trusted brand came with a glam look.’’

Shopping on Coronavirus

We bet that till we heard it next of us maybe in our town, most of us just believed about Coronavirus is just kind of normal flu. But after it comes out in Europe and many close countries most we’ve seen that this thing is real and it is not the same point with normal flu.

After Wuhan city got lockdown and many other Chinese cities got danger about that, we thought about the virus can’t go more. Because we all trusted the technology of China. But today we are here. Most of us started to work as remote, most of us workless, homeless, and even most of your beloved family members were passed away caused by virus.
Of course most of you can say nothing stayed on our hands to do since we came to home. After this sentence come out, you have to remember that you have to stay busy.

You can even do shopping while you are sitting on your sofa…
If you are a little bit addicted to shopping, this is your moment now.
Before Coronavirus, in most of the friends meets all around the world if the conversation topics are come out to fashion, it is possible to hear sentences like ‘’Milan is the is the best about the fashion’’, ‘’Milan is the capital of fashion’’ and something similar.

And yes, they were all right. Milan was always a shopping point for most of the tourists from many country.
Cause who can say no, for a dress designed by gods of fashion?
The answer is simple…
No one…
If you or someone who related with you going to travel to Italy and if the trip will especially to Milan the conversation point is will be as inescapable ordering wear from there.
It’s free to try…

We are like hear the questions,

There is Corona. How we can travel to Milan?
Our brand is coming out at this point.
How? with well-trusted partners and high-quality brands are just one click beyond…
When 25 years of experience, well-known persons and Italian quality have met the e-shopping is coming out with a good option for shopping from Milan with no need to travel…
All you need to reach choose your product from many other options. Register your account and wait for a dream delivery…

First Day at Work

Like all good news this one also on the way…
Yes, ending of lockdown.
So, the question is what to wear on first day at work after such a long time since went to home?
Having a glam look was all the time super hard for those peoples who is all the time willing to look well.
The answer is simple…
‘’Casual style’’
It will be making most of you feel comfortable in first day at work after self-isolation period.

Imagine that you couldn’t counted the days since how long time you started to work with daily home wear. We bet that we have some secret slumber fan. And those peoples will need time to feeling comfortable with uniforms or the wear style in their jobs.
We are like hear other questions like,

‘’We are still at our homes and we can’t go even our local stores, how it is possible to buy casual stuff to wear?’’

And after if you asked this question please remember internet is on somewhere on the top of strongest things list on the world. You can buy your new clothes even while you are walking thru your office. All you need a bank card, an atm card or a credit card and a well trusted e-shopping website.

We as trendmodaitalia family all the time had the same soul and faith like, our clients are our fast-growing family and that’s why we are just growing with smile face peoples who visit our store in capital of fashion, Milan.

With 25 years old of experience, a well created team and strongest solution partners on bazaar we always believed to growing with happy peoples with their dream deliveries or their dream dresses. Cause we always believed play the game with rule and always had the knowledge like knocking your door with a smile face, delivering the product with no issue and getting your trust are the most important things because it is getting harder to do those things on bazaar in every single day.